Our vision for Hartwell Primary School is to personalise learning for each student and to create a community of life long learners.

We are committed to continuous improvement and maximising achievement levels for all students by developing excellence in teaching and learning.

We aim to provide a curriculum that is highly engaging for our students, a curriculum that ensures students are highly literate and numerate and a curriculum that equips all our students with skills for the 21st Century.

These skills are:

  • Ways of thinking. Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning

  • Ways of working. Communication and collaboration (Working together to solve a common challenge, which involves the contribution and exchange of ideas, knowledge or resources to achieve the goal.)

  • Tools for working. Information and communications technology (ICT - Learning through digital means, such as social networking, ICT literacy, technological awareness and simulation and information literacy

  • Skills for living in the world. Citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility.


We develop a curriculum using the AUSVels (Australian Curriculum) and use an inquiry based approach to deliver major understandings of how the world operates. Above all we consider the needs of our students, making the curriculum relevant, meaningful and developmentally appropriate.




AusVELS: The Australian Curriculum.


Inquiry Learning - Article: 'Inquiry Learning - Journeys through the Thinking Process: Kath Murdoch

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