We are very proud of our MUSIC PROGRAM at Hartwell. During their primary school life our music program develops key skills in exploring, creating and making different styles of music. We incorporate this musical knowledge into performances and every two years develop a whole school production where students combine all the Performing Arts areas of music, dance and drama. Our latest production of Peter Pan in 2013 was a huge success and showcased the talents of all our wonderful children.

Many students are also involved in the various musical clubs, which rehearse before school or during lunch times.


These clubs are:

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir consists of students from Grades 4-6 who work hard to develop their singing skills to perform at events such as school assemblies and local community events. For example, last year we performed at the Boroondara Eisteddfods, Lynden Aged Care and the Oxfam music festival in Box Hill.


Junior Choir


The newly formed Junior Choir is made up of students in Grades 2-3. These students rehearse weekly at lunchtime and also work towards a variety of school performances.


Drum Band

Hartwell Drum Band consists of 21 talented Grade 5 and 6 students who rehearse weekly to fine tune their rhythm skills and create their own compositions. Like the Senior Choir; the Drum Band also performs at various school and community events, such as the Oxfam Music Festival, school assemblies and the Grade 6 Graduation ceremony.


String Ensemble

The Hartwell String Ensemble features violins, violas, cellos and a harp played by students from Grades 2-6. The group has steadily grown in size each year and is always open to new members!



Hartwell Primary School often enters into the national story–telling arts competition, Wakakirri. Schools must create stories using dance, song, film, arts or writing, and each story must somehow include the signature item, which in 2010 was ‘duck’. Last year, Hartwell Primary entered two very successful teams: a Story-Dance Team, and a Story-Singing Team. Students worked hard during lunch times to create their performance and thoroughly enjoyed the performance night!


School Musical

Every second year, Hartwell Primary produces a whole school musical. Every student participates in the production, with lead parts being played by students in Grade 5 and 6. This year we will be performing Aladdin Jr. at the George Woods Performing Arts Centre.


School Music Events


Hartwell Primary celebrates the musical talents of our students through events such as the Hartwell’s Got Talent concert showcase, and The Big Sing. The Big Sing is a government initiative in which each school in Australia is invited to learn one song, which is then performed simultaneously across the country. Students at Hartwell thoroughly enjoyed learning the 2010 song, ‘Come Play Your Part’, and also performed 3 other songs as a whole school. Students perfected their various instrumental and vocal parts, and the final performances sounded incredible!


As you can see we offer a vibrant, inclusive and diverse music program, which all the students and the local community thoroughly enjoy.


Some of our previous highlights:



In term 3, Grade 5 students worked hard during music lessons to create a fantastic entry for this year's Wakakirri competition. To do this, the students had to chose a topic, write song lyrics, create instrumental parts, record all of the parts and film a music video. Unfortunately we did not win the competition but we are incredibly proud of our efforts and we'd love for you to check out our entry by clicking this link:









On Thursday September 1st at 11:30am all Hartwell students took part in Count Us In 2011. This Australian music initiative was developed to celebrate and value music education.  Hartwell students were among half a million other performers across the country to sing this year's song "We've Got The Music".


Students of different grade levels also learnt other songs that they performed at this event. These included Crowded House's "Better Be Home Soon" led by 6B, Cee Lo Green's "Forget You" led by 4M and 4H and a performance of 3 songs by Hartwell's Drum band.


 To hear podcasts of some of the songs performed at the Big Sing please click the links below (please allow time for the songs to load):












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