Classroom Involvement

What We're Doing In the Classroom...

Every classroom currently has its own recycling bin.  Twice a week a trusty team of sustainability helpers collect the bins and empty them into our Recycling skip.  In the up and coming weeks the Sustainability team and going to start monitoring the amount of recycling and waste coming from each classroom as part of our Waste audit.  This will help us to evalute how much waste we have at Hartwell and work on ways to minimise this waste.  Check our new funky recycling signs.  We will be having a competition for the most creative and catching slogans to promote recycling!

Classroom Involvement

Each class assigns an energy monitor to help reduce energy within the classroom.  The monitor is in charge of ensuring computers are turned off when not in use and lights are turned off when leaving a room.  This job has been made easier over the last 12months with all new builidings being installed with sensor lighting.  Timers have also been installed on all heaters and airconditioners.    



Sustainability is heavily incorporated into our school curriculum.  This term Level 4 students are completing an Inquiry unit which is focusing on sustainability.  Students attended the CERES (Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies).  They had a tour of CERES EcoHouse and had extensive learning sessions on Organic Garding and Water for Life. 
Students have taken what they have learnt from their excursion to work out smart ways to reduce our water usage at school and in our local community.  Many of the Grade 6 classes are also growing a range of seeds in their classes and looking at how environment impacts there growth by doing a comparative excercise with two seeds growing inside and two seeds growing outside.
Throughout this unit, students have grown a greater understanding of the difference between a want and a need and how these have a huge impact on the world around us.  With the assistance of teachers, the students have been advertising ways in which staff and students at Hartwell can minimise our impact on the environment.  Their initatives include nude food days, photocopy free days, and a day without electricity/heating.  With the simple message of 'Every journey begins with a single step', students have developed an awareness that they have the power to make a difference and if we work towards educating todays generation then we can make a huge impact on the generations to come.
Classroom Involvement

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