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How big is your Ecological Footprint? How can you reduce it?

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We take sustainability seriously at Hartwell. We have many intiatives at school to ensure that we promote being sustainable. Our curriculum teaches our students from Prep to Year 6 the importance of being sustainable locally and globally.

RE DUCE: We have had our Solar Panels installed onto the Performing Arts Centre roof! We were very excited about increasing our ability for being sustainable and also reduce our footprint!!


Check out the website link to see a live link for our solar panel energy!!

Clink this link: HPS SOLAR PANELS



CHECK OUT Captain Sustainability's "Greening Hartwell" presentation sharing Hartwell's sustainability journey! Top Job!!!

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RE USE: The Sustainability program is continues with the replanting of the vegetable garden and herb patch. The soils in these gardens were enriched by compost from the bins and castings from the worm farm. The worm farm was replenished with 500 new worms and the worms are being fed by the Preps, Year 1 and 2 fruit program peelings.


RE CYCLE: We do a great job by recycling cardboard and paper three times a week and putting out the co-mingled waste bin on Tuesday mornings, collected from the canteen and staff room.

Our water tanks and bladders assist us to collect rainwater and water around the school. We consider carefully the planting around school, taking into consideration the local climate.

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