Cybersafety Parent Information 

Susan McLean is a well known expert in the field of cybersafety, an area which she has researched and investigated since 1994 as a former member of Victoria Police.  Susan's website has some great tips about staying safe online and wonderful resources for parents who want to know more about cybersafety, click here to read more.

There are some great websites available that reinforce the key messages about cybersafety in a fun and engaging way.  These web activities are a great way to raise the issues of cybersafety with your child.

Professor Garfield is a fantastic site from the US and is aimed at teaching students in the Early Years how to use the internet safely, click here to find out more.


Many students at Hartwell in the middle and senior learning communities have used the Buddy program, created by the Australian government, to discuss cybersafety, click here to find out more.


The CyberSmart website by the Australian Government also has many helpful resources for parents, click here to read more.

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