The Hartwell school colours are navy blue, light blue, and red.


Tops are light blue (with a red emblem), whilst shorts, trousers and jackets are navy (with a white emblem). The school uniform, school bag, hats, chair bags, library bags, and art smocks are available from our School Uniform Shop.

Students are expected to dress neatly. Jeans and thongs are not permitted.



The Uniform Shop is open every alternate Tuesday for fittings only. Please check the newsletter for dates and times. Orders can be placed via the QKR app (preferred) or by completing the order form below and returning it to the office, with payment, for processing. As we are unable to store large amounts of stock, orders could take two or three weeks to fill.  The completed order will be sent to the student's classroom for collection.   


Contact details are as follows:


Alison Watson     watson.ali@icloud.com

Claire Lugger      dm.cl@hotmail.com



We have developed a brochure to help you view the Uniform options available,

please click this link:  Uniform Brochure - this is  a sample of  school uniform items only.  Please see below for the current order form and price list.  Please complete the order form and return it to the school office for processing. 

Order Form:  Uniform Order and Price List



Girls’ Uniform

Summer: Checked summer dress;
Navy shorts, or summer bootlegs and short sleeve light blue polo shirt
(shorts: bike or skort)


Winter: Winter tunic with long sleeve light blue t-shirt;
Navy bootleg trousers/Navy leggings (long) with long sleeve light blue polo shirt.
Plus either navy bomber jacket, windcheater, or hooded windcheater.


Boys’ Uniform
Summer: Navy shorts and short sleeve light blue polo shirt
(shorts: zip pocket and basketball shorts)


Winter: Navy track pants with long sleeve light blue polo shirt.
Plus either navy bomber jacket, windcheater or hooded windcheater.


Microfibre hats are compulsory every day for Terms 1 and 4.


Children may wear any type of footwear provided their toes are protected from injury. Thongs are not permitted for this reason. Acceptable types of footwear include T-bar sandals, runners, and pull-on boots. There is no colour requirement for footwear. The Uniform shop does not sell socks.



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