We share with you the excitement and the responsibility of ensuring your children enjoy a happy, secure and successful beginning to formal education.  It is indeed a pleasure to work with your children.


Hartwell provides a challenging and comprehensive curriculum for each child in a caring and stimulating environment.  We aim to facilitate success in learning and encourage children to develop their full potential, academically, emotionally, physically and socially.  At Hartwell we encourage the development of confident, articulate and independent learners who demonstrate self-discipline, self-reliance and a pride in themselves and their school.


Our school community believes children learn most effectively when:


  • each child’s self esteem is fostered through success
  • individual differences, individual learning styles and needs are catered for in the curriculum
  • staff, students and parents work together to create a positive learning environment
  • learning is child centred and activity based
  • children are encouraged to experiment, take risks and evaluate as they learn
  • children are encouraged to learn in different ways
  • high staff morale and enthusiasm is fostered through leadership support and commitment to the professional development of all staff members.


We pride ourselves on working with our school community in the provision of a high standard of education.  Parents are valued for their support and involvement in our curriculum programs, school activities and membership of groups such as School Council and School Council sub-committees.  We welcome your support of the school, as your involvement will strengthen the links between home and school and enhance the educational achievements of the children.


We like to create an open and friendly atmosphere and welcome community input and feedback about our school.


If at any time you wish to discuss any aspect of our school, or your child’s welfare, please do not hesitate to contact me for a chat, or to arrange an interview time.


I trust your association with our school will be a happy and valued one.



Lisa Banks