Skoolbag App

Communication with the Parent Community

To ensure we make the best possible effort to communicate with every Hartwell family, we publish the school newsletter, important dates and alerts via a mobile phone App called ‘Skoolbag’. This app works through both smart phones and smart devices [such as iPads and Android Tablets] and is free for parents to download.


You can download the App by following the instructions at:


The Hartwell newsletter is available online (each Tuesday) through our school website:


An email reminder is sent out at the time the newsletter becomes available.


It is imperative that every family reads the newsletter each week as it contains a lot of important information.




Student Absences and the App

You are also able to notify the school of student absences via the Skoolbag App. You will need to access the 'Eforms' menu on the app and complete the required details which will then be sent directly to the school's email address. Your absence note will be forwarded to the teacher concerned and a copy retained for school records.